Sherri Johnson is a former homeschool mom who even in her last year of homeschooling was still trying to figure things out. She changed her curriculum just about as often as the wind changed direction and regularly found herself writing her own material or pulling from various sources to give it just the right flair. She believes in customizing a child’s studies to complement his/her own learning style(s), spiritual gifts, and God-given talents and interests as much as possible. She encourages her children to seek God’s will for their lives and to make their living doing what they love. She believes that life is hard so homeschooling shouldn’t make it harder. Having said that, Sherri is a stickler for details and believes in fulfilling the State’s requirements for graduation. She just thinks it ought to be fun while doing it.

Sherri has been married for 23 years and has a 21 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. She loves to read, write, spend time with family and friends, play in the ocean and ride roller coasters. She loves roasting marshmallows, eating chocolate, and indulging in a banana split every now and then. She is a writer and speaker and loves to make people laugh and will pretty much tell you every detail about her life. She enjoys speaking to homeschool groups about organization, record keeping, homeschooling high school, keeping kids pure, and more. She writes homeschool resources and Bible Studies but loves writing Christian Romance more than anything. She has a contract on her first novel, which will be out soon.

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