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When my four-year old came walking into the room carrying my camera, my first instinct was to get onto him for playing with it and take it away.  However, I was in a good mood that day and decided to let him take some pictures.  He had so much fun running through the house taking pictures of everything and I mean everything!  Let’s just say I am thankful for digital cameras!  When I was little and got ahold of my Mom’s camera, it cost her a fortune in Polaroid film. 

His pictures opened my eyes to how he sees the world!  He took pictures of his brothers, who happily posed for him whenever he prompted(something they don’t do for me).

They had a blast posing and then what fun it was to view all of the pictures together!

He took pictures of his favorite toys and games and such.  He took pictures of cabinets and walls and shelves and phones.

Why am I sharing this experience?  I want to encourage you to give your young children a camera to “play” with for a while, you will learn so much about them!  You will give your child so much joy to be able to capture the things he loves in photographs!

Most days I would have said no because of my worry about the camera, but on this day I said yes and learned so much about my youngest and his perspective of our world! 

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” -Walt Streightiff