My son has been asking a lot of good and interesting things about God lately. “Mommy, where is God? Why can’t I see him with my eyes?”, my little logical little boy says. After fumbling a good bit over my words, I try to point Trey to what he can see: His creation!

My little boy shares his momma’s fascination with space! There is nothing that makes me stand in awe of the Lord like looking at the mystery of the stars and planets!

We came across this (and hang with me…. the Lord really showed me something!). This is a picture of the sun in comparison to the other planets.

I was pretty familiar with the scale of the Earth compared to the Sun. But seeing it in comparison really is amazing! But look at this next picture. This blew my mind.

Can you see what it says on the side? The text says that Jupiter would be one pixel at this scale and the Earth is invisible at this scale! Look at the grandness of God’s Creation! He is great and mighty! Earth is invisible at this scale but the Earth and all who inhabit it are not invisible to this Great and Mighty God.

I am apart of a Bible Study of Ruth, by author Kelly Minter. This week we are in the middle of the story when Naomi asks Ruth to go sit at the threshing floor (Ruth 3:1-6). This plot has always confused me and still does. It does not seem safe or in any way conventional but yet it works. Kelly says something in this week of my Bible study that really spoke to me.  ” No matter how we deem Naomi’s plot, one of the most remarkable and mysterious parts of life is how our frail and human plans somehow fir into God’s master plan…… Be blessed today that God’s supremacy and providence reign over all our plans for He directs our steps.”

Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m always afraid that even in my best attempt to follow the Lord and do His will, I will somehow mess everything up! But it is good to remember that this great God I serve, who made planets and stars larger than my mind can even fathom, is in control. He makes order out of my mess! If I walk with Him in obedience, He will ordain my path and work it all out!

“Man’s steps are ordained by the Lord, How then can man understand his way?” Proverbs 20:24