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Sketching ‘Something in a Laundry Room’ above

Once a week, Barb-Harmony Art Mom posts a topic for Sketch Tuesday. When I started following her blog, I was inspired by reading the topics and scrolling through the weekly slideshows of homeschool student sketches. It was simple, fun and inviting!

Then we joined in. And the habit started building. And the children started asking. What’s the topic for this week?

A recent Sketch Tuesday topic, Something with a Bar Code.

And I started to see the many benefits of this habit. Thinking of something unique to sketch. Concentrating. Adding more detail. This habit of practicing each week was building something.

Sketching is complimentary to another habit we’ve built thanks again to our Sketch Tuesday hostess: The Outdoor Hour Challenges at Handbook of Nature Study.

Maybe you and your children would like to join in and make Sketch Tuesday a habit as well?