This habit many of us know about. But often I need to be reminded of it in the thick of nightly ‘crazy time.’ Crazy time because I’m bathing children, cleaning up supper dishes, packing my husband’s lunch, practicing drama troupe lines with dramatic girls… Just like all other mamas out there.

Just tuck this in your mind. It has a calming effect on loved ones. Tuck bath towels and/or pajamas into the dryer to warm. While you are drawing that bath for little toes, toss those items in the dryer for just ten minutes. Then wrap warmth around the sweet ones in your life so they can be toasty.

I promise it is a habit for wrapping smiles on faces!

P.S. I’m sharing a bonus habit today over at Heart of the Matter. A homeschool habit we practice in December…Take December Off

What cozy habits do you enjoy while it’s cold outside?