Pinterest is the ultimate visual bookmarking tool and I have had lots of fun using it for organizing all kinds of ideas and inspirations. While I have loved! the recipes on Pinterest ,  I would have a hard time narrowing them down to a few, so I decided to spotlight recent finds I pinned for what we have dubbed the Learning Lab (aka the schoolroom). You don’t have to be a homeschooler to appreciate these tips. They would be great for kids rooms, play rooms and more.

Our Learning Lab is on the lower level

(loving all the alliteration 🙂 ) and I would

be thrilled to reach it via these

storybook stairs.

Goodbye carpet, hello classics!

Incidentally, this was my very first pin.

Love it!

  Continuing the literary theme, books runneth over in our LL and I am always looking for creative ways to store them. These are two very different  options ~ one involves a little work (where do I find a giant wooden spool?) and the  other a simple fix of some wire baskets on a shelf.

Art is another thing that is overflowing in the LL. I love these super simple clips for hanging artwork or school work.  There’s a great tutorial on the site formaking it and I think it costs under $5 if you use leftover paint.

I love this little desk idea for an art corner that can stay set up for impromptu masterpiece-making. The shelf and clips are perfect for displaying said masterpieces.

These last two are actually my own pictures that I’m including so that I can pin them 🙂 These are bread boxes from Target that I bought for each of the kids’ desks to store all their supplies.  For school, I have color-coded the kids and was thrilled that there were boxes in each of their colors.

This year, we’re adding a yellow one for the kindergartner. These keep their desktops nice and neat and their supplies are within arms reach. The best part is – I got them on clearance!

Now it’s your turn! If you’re on Pinterest, do you have a board for a room you’d like to makeover? If you’re not on Pinterest, is there a room you’d like to makeover that Pinterest might help you with?



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