So do you have a Pinterest account yet? Oh my…. it is indeed an addiction! It is great though! My creativity gets flowing and I do actually try some of the ideas and recipes!

Here are some of my favorites!

I don't know if I should say this is one of my favorites or if its my husband's?!

These are delicious! I made the chicken before hand in the crock pot with a Chipotle marinade. Then followed the recipe. They are very filling and made a good bit… I love left overs!

These were super easy! I keep chopped pepper in my freezer. If you cook the sausage before hand, they are nothing to assemle in the morning! I really like the whole muffin tin thing! You can have breakfast cooking while you do the hundreds of other things that demand attention in the morning!

Okay this one I have not tried yet. But how stinkin’ adorable is this! I can not wait for fall! This pumpkin cake is a must for this season!

Happy (almost) Fall! and Happy “Pinteresting”!

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