A couple years ago I wrote a short series about my morning routine, the struggles I had with it, and what was working for me. As I read back through them, the life I see in those posts is almost unrecognizable today. Like Kerri, we welcomed a new little one into our home a few months ago. He’s an absolute joy, but he has pretty much turned the tables on anything I would call a routine, especially in the morning. Some days he sleeps until 8:30, other days he’s up long before the sun is even thinking about coming up.  It seems like every time I plan to get up early, the little guy has a similar plan, and I don’t get much of anything done other than some snuggle time with him.

In the last few weeks as his schedule has become a bit more consistent, I’ve been trying to work back into that routine. Baby steps. I’ve started by committing to get up early one day per week, preferably on Mondays. On that one day I make a light breakfast for my husband and get the dishwasher unloaded so I can have my coffee. After he leaves, I spend some time in prayer. Prayer for the coming week, prayer for my husband, prayer for each of my children. If the baby isn’t up yet, I move on to reading my Bible for a few minutes. And then if he still isn’t up, I work on my schedule for the week. I make a list of everything that I’d like to get done that week. I look at our calendar and assign days to each task, pairing bigger jobs with less-busy days. I cross off a few things that I know are unrealistic. Then if he’s still sleeping, I make time for a shower. The rest of the week may be chaos, but having that one day as a jumping off point has really helped my sanity.

Kendra is a stay-at-home homeschooling mother of four rowdy boys. Okay, three rowdy boys and one who is still sweet and cuddly. She’s been married to her high-school sweetheart for twelve years. When she’s not playing teacher, nurse, cook or housekeeper, she loves to read and write.