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For this Easter season, several of our family favorites…

Amon’s Adventure: A Family Story for Easter

I marked the date on the calendar. Back on that January day we received the much anticipated Amon’s Adventure. I marked the spring date we were to start reading the book. Amon’s Adventure is a family storybook for Easter written by the author of the Jotham’s Journey advent trilogy. By starting early we won’t read nightly as with the other books. Starting this early gives us time to savor and not feel badly if we miss a night’s reading. For more info and to preview a few pages, see Arnold Ytreeide’s website HERE.


Box of Repentances: from last year, an excerpt…

What a lovely idea! An Easter-Lent family activity: Repentances Box. At the start of this week, we pushed aside the breakfast dishes and decorated.

No, we didn’t have a lovely wooden box to use. A Nutrigrain Bar box would do. We found our handy roll of paper we used for making our own wrapping paper. Middle Girl brought her stamping bucket.

I helped wrap, printed a label. And stepped back to watch.

Nothing fancy. But it holds all the ‘I’m sorry’s. The ‘will you please forgive me?’s and the ‘Lord, I confess’. Each one scrawled on a scrap piece of paper. A simple cardboard box made pretty. To hold the weight of our sins from now until Easter.

Then, as explained in the Holy Experience post, we’ll burn the papers. Sins thrown away…

“…to symbolize Jesus casting away our sins as far as the East is from the West.”

“…Come Easter morning, Sophie and family in Wales, and us in Canada (and you too?), we’ll burn up our cards of sins confessed. Because they are, astoundingly, no more, because of Christ who did it all.

And we’ll walk home with an empty box of repentance, giving thanks that He has written our names, not our sins, in His book of remembrance.”

“I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake,

And I will not remember your sins.”

~Isa. 43:25

A simple cereal bar box.

Symbolizing freedom in Christ.


From two years ago, an excerpt from First Bloom
As the sun set, I told the children I was going to run out and get a picture of the iris to email to my grandmother. The bloom a result of a bulb transplanted from her yard. I asked them to pick out a book since it was close to bedtime.

Notice how this single iris displays its beauty from every angle.

How its petals capture the light of the setting sun.

As I came back in, I heard the children reading The Parable of the Lily. Now our iris isn’t an Easter lily. But this little gift at the end of the day was not lost on me. As I closed the door the eldest boy read:

“But I tell you that even Solomon with his riches was not dressed as beautifully as one of these flowers.” Matthew 6:29

After the children were tucked in bed I was searching for a link to Higgs’ children’s book. I found our next project: Parable of the Lily lapbook!


Another Easter activity we look forward to each year is making Littlesanctuary’s Resurrection rolls.

Rolling up the marshmallow in the crescent roll, adding the spices. While the rolls are in the oven we read the excerpt from the Bible.

Then, once the rolls are removed from the oven ‘tomb’ – He is risen, indeed! Recipe HERE.


From last year, an excerpt of The Last Supper Craft

You must hop over to Catholic Icing and read all about this craft. Not only did we have great discussion about the Last Supper, Jesus’ betrayal and what all happened that Thursday…

… we discussed the da Vinci painting and learned the placement of each of the disciples. Plus, just enjoyed some time together making it.

We used two 18-egg cartons and adapted the instructions. There are specific directions and three downloads on the site.

Color, cut and tape to the fitted-together egg cartons.

Then place your paper tablecloth on your ‘table’

Enjoy on your Easter table or mantel!

Click here to view all instructions and download printables.

“Amen, I say to you, one of you will betray me” (Matthew 26:21)


New to us this year:

An excerpt description from Shining Dawn Books: “While not your typical full-fledged NaturExplorers study, this mini-unit will be just what you need to prepare your hearts for Easter through a unique, Christ-centered nature study tied into the Biblical account of Jesus’ final week, including His death, burial and resurrection.”

More information at Shining Dawn Books: Easter Nature Study

And, lastly, this wonderful project Phyllis linked to on her Beautiful Ideas site: Hill of Calvary for Children – start growing your grass now for this wonderful visual.

~I’ll be posting more of our favorites (like recipes!) on my personal blog over this next month.

~My friend, Cassandra, is celebrating the Easter season. She’s hosting a link up for Lenten posts. Be sure to stop by for a visit at her Moonboat Cafe.

What are your Easter resources? Please share your favorites.

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