Here it is. The day after Valentine’s Day. Was it as you expected?

Let me encourage you to look for the ways your spouse speaks love. If it’s not in chocolates and roses, it could be a unique love language.

Today I’m sharing our love story. Stepping back in time then fast forwarding to present day…


Hurrying out the door, late for work. The overnight snowfall was beautiful but deep. How I dreaded dusting and scraping off the car. Rounding the apartment building, I find my windshield cleared of a mound of snow. A business card, placed carefully on the driver side window. Two free cookies at my favorite place.

Flowers appeared at work from an admirer. Love letters, shunned, I shamefully admit. But reread, over and over. Each one. And each time, the words carving out a small chip in the wall I’d built. All the while, the Lord taught me.

Patiently, he won my heart. It was this man’s love and enthusiasm for the Lord that stomped out my fear. His smile, his eyes. His confidence, his intelligence, his kindness, his jokes, his willingness to wait for this silly girl to come around.

What began in my heart as admiration, grew in bounds as love. My dearest friend, this man, had started to become. How could someone so wonderful possibly be for me, Lord? I must see him, go on walks with him, be near him as much as I can.  He just has this glow of You, Lord.


This same romance continues in the day to day. Translated, perhaps, in a different manner. Flowers sometimes appear. But the love letters, so similarly recognized this way…

Carrying an armful of child to ease my load.

Sitting in traffic for hours on that long road.

Wiping a counter as he goes by.

This man can vacuum more efficiently than anyone I know.

A surprise, Sunday afternoon, local Daddy destination.

Digging and building castles in the sand.

Silliness, laughing, making fun.

Sometimes fireworks.

Listening, knowing the solution, jotting a quick email in response during the day.

Making the coffee if he is up first.

Fixing things… so many things…

Carting me off on a date.

A pat and ‘are you allright’

He loves me, loves us…

…Still loves all of us in spite of so many of life’s messes.


And as I stay home with our blessed brood, some walk with me to the door. Going to wave goodbye as Daddy goes to work.

Close the door, pull back the curtain and there he stands.

Warm breath on the window, then a heart or initial drawn with his hand.

A happy grin draws across a child’s face.

Thank you, dear God, for my man.

That heart he drew for us… it’s a snapshot of Your lovely plan.

A window love letter.

This man cleared my windshield, opened the window of my heart.

Thankful for a multitude upon a multitude of ways my husband shows his love for me and our children.

How about you? What are some unique ways your spouse shows love?

an update from the 2009 Hodgepodge archives

-Tricia homeschools five children from preschool to middle school. She’s forsaken life in the drive thru lane for the road home. She’s saving bucks and her sanity with the frugal recipes and sock it away strategies of her Southern roots. You can find her facing that daily dose of chaos at Hodgepodge. Tricia is a.k.a. Hodgepodgemom.