It’s been roughly a decade since I’ve potty trained a boy. There were two girls since then. So, I’ve put off this round of bathroom skills for what seems like a very long time. Avoided it. Taken a ‘la, la, la, I don’t hear you’ attitude when others have talked about it or updated a Facebook status on the same subject.

But it’s time. And I find myself wondering why I put it off so long. Maybe it was the sage advice of that mother of 10 who waited until each child had turned three?

Today, I will not share what I think is the best way. I’ll let you, my friends, do that in the comments. Those things I’ve listed below are the side benefits I’ve discovered. Maybe they will encourage you too.

The positives of potty training:

  • Rediscovering board books on our shelves because of all that time to sit. (Finding the young mouse on all the colored pages of Goodnight Moon. Time to read Nursery Rhymes!)

  • The chance to discuss hygiene with all ages in the house.

  • Sibling togetherness.
  • Tag teaming. “Oh, you need to potty too? Ok, littlest, run along with big brother.”
  • When you potty train immediately after a holiday, there’s plenty of potty treats readily available. I remember Kerri sharing that she was potty training one time right after Easter. For us, right now… all those Hershey kisses from Christmas stockings. The same applies Valentine’s, Halloween…
  • Also, thanks to Kerri’s comment on the Prayer Calendar, I now have a copy posted in the bathroom. Prayer time is definitely a positive!
  • More chances for hugs and hoorays!

  • A precious, precious habit we’ve added this time around from Quinn @ On Just A Couple of Acres, her Toddler Hand Washing. While washing up afterwards, we sing… What can wash away my sins? (We’re making bubbles) …Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. He’s learning a hymn while washing little hands. Be sure to click over for the rest of her practical: 10 Potty Training Tips.

In a few weeks, we’ll pull out the carpet cleaner and all those spots will be gone. Because, this time around I’m finding the positives. And realizing, though it doesn’t seem like it at the time, it all goes so quickly.

… Just as quickly as an accident when he’s distracted with his toy cars.

How about you? Your encouragement, your tips? What’s your potty training habit?

-Tricia homeschools five children from preschool to middle school, mixing up a classical and Charlotte Mason style. You can find her facing that daily dose of chaos at Hodgepodge. She contributes a mixture of writing for The Curriculum Choice, $5 Dinners, Passionate Purposeful Parenting and is a.k.a. Hodgepodgemom.