Today I am blogging at The One Thing, linking to this post at Holy Experience and posting it here at Habits for a Happy Home.

You see my mind and heart have really been meditating on ‘good’ habits and habit training since we have just started a new year, I have one resolution to LIVE as in to Live is Christ, I have joined the Bible in 90 challenge, the Siesta Sister Scripture challenge   ,we are at the half way point in our home school year, I am recommiting to participating weekly in the Outdoor Hour Nature Close to Home challenges,  to continue my weekly gratitude gift list and I want to be the wife and mother that God has destined me to be. In the past I have actually blogged quite a bit about Habits, so I wanted to share some bits and pieces from those past post in hopes that they might encourage you. I do need to let you in a secret; I am a work in progress and thank the Lord, He isn’t finished with me yet!!! Read More HERE!