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Planning and Goal Setting Part 2

“We should make plans – counting on God to direct us.” Proverbs 16:9

What if...in this season of thanksgiving…What if we thought about one person per day. One family member, one friend or one co-worker. All those on our ‘need to get a gift for’ list. Start now, before Thanksgiving, and think about one loved one per day between now and Christmas.

What if...instead of fretting over what that person might like. What you need to buy for them…

What if...you spent a whole day praying for that loved one as you thought about what type gift they would like best?

I don’t know about you but when I start to think of everything that should be done, all that needs to be bought, fixed, wrapped, shipped, mailed, stamped, baked, bundled, put together, mixed up…I tend to get a little overwhelmed.

One loved one a day between now and Christmas.

Last year, after I read this post, I decided I would give a jar of thankfulness to my grandmother. I kept a piece of paper by the coffee pot. As I washed dishes and watched children play, I thought about my grandmother. I allowed myself to think way back to my childhood. Back to making homemade pizzas in her kitchen, on those certain, well-worn baking sheets of hers. She’d let us spread the dough and get our hands all in it. We’d feast! Then, later on, the sound of her voice as she read to my brother and me at bed time those sleepover nights.

I thought about my grandmother and I wrote. Each, small snippet. Each bit of thought. And I gave it to her for Christmas. She didn’t know I’d remembered. She still will mention that jar of thankfulness. All because I allowed myself the pleasure. To stop and think.

And, for years, my children have enjoyed playing with the cement mixer Tonka truck from my brother’s childhood. Now, my brother has a son of his own. So my husband and my son spent some time restoring it. Sanding away the rust of the years, painting, polishing to be sure it would be safe for a two-year-old. My brother told me about a week ago how much my nephew still enjoys that truck. The truck he played with in the sandbox at the same age.

What difference could we make in the life of aunts, uncles, parents, children – if we prayed, off and on, as we thought throughout a whole day – one loved one each day? I’ve found, through this habit, that the gifts I settle on tend to be meaningful gifts. Usually less expensive than what I first thought.

But rich with love.


How about you? How do you plan? Is there a meaningful gift you enjoy giving?