In a quick effort to soothe sore throats, I put some rice on to boil. Absentmindedly, I tossed in several scoops of rice with the unmeasured water. Uh oh. The water has mostly boiled away… add more water. Weepy child… Ah! the rice! Add more water…

What resulted was something that looked like Big Anthony with Strega Nona’s pasta pot. We are overflowing with rice.

We are also overflowing with sick children, dirty dishes and dirty clothes. It’s at these overwhelming times of overflowing duties that I must remind myself of the reason. The Lord’s blessings are overflowing in our lives.

It’s because we have food that dishes are dirty.
It’s because we have clothes that laundry piles up. And,
It’s because of children there’s a season of sickness.

So I’ll blow three kisses at that pasta pot and pray the blessings keep overflowing.

Repost from the Hodgepodge archives. I am back to boiling rice. Just a couple under the weather here. I’m most grateful we’ve had several months of good health. I pray that this week of rest, when we are missing parties and celebrations, results in fitness for Christmas.