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Imagine going to bed Thanksgiving Eve and sleeping in Thanksgiving morning. I always thought you had to get up at 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving to wrestle with a raw bird. That is until I found two recipes from Southern Plate. And boy am I thankful!

I followed Christy’s instructions for making dressing in the crock pot. Not only is it delicious, it frees up oven space. Plus, I took her advice and put the turkey in the oven to cook overnight. Both were such a success they have forever changed the Thanksgiving menu:

Bullet Overnight Turkey (Easy, Delicious and Always Moist!)

Bullet Crock Pot Dressing (minus the chicken for the Thanksgiving meal- might try using Mamaw’s recipe in the crock pot this year)

Bullet Asparagus Casserole (Grandpa and Grandma’s recipe)

Bullet Sweet Potato Casserole

Bullet Mashed Potatoes

Bullet Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese – a request from the children

Bullet Rolls

Bullet Grandma’s pies<—————the best part!

A few other Thanksgiving Eve tips I found last year:

*Six Tips for Easier Clean Up After a Big Thanksgiving Meal from Hillbillyhousewife

*Preschoolers as Part of the Action – remember to include your little chefs too 🙂

And of course, with Thanksgiving, comes Christmas…

*Cruise through the holidays – The Holiday Control Journal by the Flylady

*Here’s one last handy dandy guideline. A week-by-week guide with a steady pace to be ready. Christmas organization timetable from Menus for Moms

Updated from the 2009 Hodgepodge archives