The Homeschool ClassromThe ladies here at Habits for a Happy Home are following the Homeschool Classroom‘s example once again in thanking our top ten referrers last month. Thank you friends!
1. Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

2. Sprittibee – Thanks for hosting a great Carnival of Homeschooling featuring homeschool classrooms!
Carnival of Homeschooling
3. Google
4. Twitter – Follow Habits for a Happy Home
5. Hodgepodge
6. The Moonboat Cafe
7. Brandy Sexton
8. Five Dollar Dinners – Frugal Recipes Daily


Top Ten Posts for September – In case you missed them…

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2. The freedom of frugal living

3. Planning to be spontaneous: The Household Notebook

4. Mystery of History

5. Three for one! by Brandy Sexton

6. Stuck? Try Micro-Goals by Cassandra Frear

7. First Day of School Memories

8. Tips and Recs

9. All About the Charlotte Mason Homeschool Method

10. Italian Stuffed Shells