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Seems like every Christmas season I pick a go-to dessert and make it for every gathering I need to bring something to.   Going to the family get together- brownie trifle, having people over – brownie trifle, church Christmas party – brownie trifle.  It really simplifies things for me in that it requires little brain power from me at this point.

It’s easy to make and there are many variations, but here is my favorite:

Brownie Trifle

1 box Ghiradelli Double Chocolate brownie mix (or your favorite) & ingredients to make them

1 box milk chocolate mousse mix & milk to make it

1 pint whipping cream

3 tablespoons powdered sugar

Heath toffee bits


Bake your brownies and let cool.  Mix mousse according to directions on package, which is just beating in the milk.  Cover and set aside in the fridge.  Beat whipping cream until stiff peaks form – adding the powdered sugar as you mix.  You can also add a teaspoon of vanilla if you’d like. Cover and place in fridge until brownies are cool.  Once they are cool, take a fork and break them apart.  Now you are ready to assemble your trifle.  You can use a trifle dish or any deep bowl.  Clear ones look nice, because you can see the layers, but anything will work.

*Tip: You can also assemble it in smaller party cups and serve individual portions on a tray.


Layer 1/2 brownie, 1/2 mousse, 1/2 whipped cream, sprinkle with heath bits.

Repeat layers ending with whipped cream and toffee bits.

Cover and chill for 8 hours or overnight.

* Tip:  The only place that I have found the chocolate mousse is Ingles. You can also use pudding, but I love the fluffy and smooth texture of the mousse :)

Variations: Target has a chocolate mocha mousse for those of you who love that coffee flavor.  They also have a french vanilla flavor that sounds yum.  And they are sugar free.

You can use chopped nuts or candy bars instead of the heath bits.

And of course, you can subsitute coolwhip for the whipped cream, but to me there is no subsitution for real whipped cream :)