I was reading through the August Recap over on The Homeschool Classroom and thought – what a great idea!

The Homeschool Classrom

We are very grateful for our readers and referrers. So, on this Labor Day, we are giving thanks for the labor of love shown to us by our…

Top Ten Referrers for August 2010

1.Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

2. Hodgepodge

3. Epi Kardia

4. Chi Alpha Crusaders – thanks to our homeschool group of ladies!

5. The HSBA Post Big Link Up
Join Me at The Homeschool Post!

6. Tip Nut

7. Twitter (you can follow Habits for a Happy Home on Twitter here)

8. The Hoffman’s @betsyandadam.blogspot.com

9. Thriftyhomemaker.com

10. Facebook (you can find Habits on Facebook too)

Top Ten Posts for August 2010 – in case you missed them

  1. Back to basics: The Lunch Lady
  2. The freedom of frugal living
  3. Planning to be spontaneous – the household notebook
  4. Am I Really Resting?
  5. The Habit of Using Coupons: Guest Post by Heidi Stearns
  6. Help! I’m Organizationally Challenged! Guest Post by Vicki Bentley of HSLDA
  7. First day of school memories
  8. Habit of family journaling
  9. Deliberate Delight – Nature Study
  10. Family Camp: Guest Post by Phyllis Bergenholtz – she’s just finishing up this year’s family camp and has posted many more new ideas you’ll want to check out at All Things Beautiful
  11. OK, well, top 11 since Writing About the Journey‘s guest post was just one click away and such a blessing. Trisha is one of our all time top referrers as well. Staying Focused on Christ in Seasons of Little Money –  a two part series you’ll definitely want to click over to if you missed!