The Habit of Writing – Part Two

It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work. For we are both God’s workers. And you are God’s field. You are God’s building. 1 Corinthians 3: 7-9 ~ from a post on memorization

When our eldest was in second or third grade a fellow homeschool mom  recommended dance mat typing. My daughter had fun practicing typing skills during afternoon computer time. (Check it out here. You’ll agree it’s fun!). This typing habit established some basic skills. Laid the foundation to build…

Email Newsletter

Our eldest daughter started the habit of writing using the family computer. Without even realizing it. Without prompting from me. Purely out of fun. Yes, we’d write thank you notes and she loved to send letters to friends and cousins. But her true writing habit began on the computer. With the keyboard she didn’t have to struggle with handwriting. At age eight, she started a weekly email newsletter for family and friends. I still remember her asking if she could go to the computer on Sunday mornings. You know the most hectic time of getting out the door to church?

She called it

How Often Do YOU Pray?

  • Sept 7, 2006 Hi! I would like you to know I am going to start a newsletter called how often do YOU pray? It is all about building a stronger relationship with God and Jesus. If you wish/plan to subscribe, please let me know. God bless you all
  • Oct 29 2006 This week we will open up our bibles to the story of how God sent his son to die for us. The verse of the week is my favorite verse in the whole bible. It is: For God so loved the world, That He sent his only begotten son. And whomever so believeth in him, Shall not perish, But have eternal life. John 3:16. You are very familiar with that verse now. Think about when you were a baby. You did not know who God and Jesus were. Now you know them and love them. You change as you grow and learn more and more about God’s love. Remember; Open your bible to the story of how God sent his son. ~God bless
  • January 20, 2007 Well, Today they closed down church because of ice and snow and stuff. We just “got back” from having our own little church service and Sunday school. We had so much fun! Please have as much fun as possible as you read the book of Esther this week! I do not expect you all to get it done in one day. Take some time to read it over a few days. Also, read Ephesians 6:11 which is the verse of the week. Remember to put on the full armor of God! 🙂 ~God bless.

Journal/Journal Jar

The Christmas our eldest was ten, my mother gave her a journal jar. This is a practically free gift you can make for your child. Print pages of writing prompts, cut them into strips and assemble them in a cute jar. Organized Christmas has them for both children and adults. So you can even give them to loved ones as gifts along with a nice journal!

Fun prompts like What silly names does your family use for everyday objects?  or List five things that make you happy.

Find them here: Child’s Journal Jar or Adult Journal Jar

The point of it is pure fun. You can carry the same idea with Mad Libs. Just continue the habit of prompting thoughts and transferring those thoughts to writing. Don’t worry about correcting at first. Help with spelling if asked. Don’t direct. Let your child write about a current passion or favorite. You’ll know when to step in on the editing process. This is free time writing.

Start a blog

About two years ago we decided as a family that our daughter could continue her writing through a blog. From the start ours has been a family website. I would sit beside her and help her ‘edit’. It’s only in the last year I have prompted her to write. We came across some Blog Writing Task Cards for workboxes. These are fun prompts to help children write about what they are learning by Honey Brown at Sunflower Schoolhouse.

Some prompts are general. Write about your favorite subject. Some are specific. Write about your favorite author. Write about reasons to read:

Reasons to Read originally published, August 09

The Bible is a very important book. Everyone should read it. Everyday. Including you. There are many great stories to read, and you can start anywhere, although I suggest starting at one of these stories/verses: Genesis 1:1-The Making of the World (read it again…it is truly amazing!!), Proverbs 31:10-The Virtuous Woman, John 3:16- “For God so loved the world…” These are some of my favorite parts of the Bible! I would love to know yours, too!

Other times she would ask to write…

One Minute Devotions- Being Close to God – October 09

  1. Read the Bible. It sounds simple, and it is if you make it. Pick it up, reread your favorite story or pick something new.
  2. Pray. About what you want, need, about other peoples needs and just to praise God.
  3. And finally…Keep a journal. What I’ve been trying to do is write about what I learn in the Bible after I read, and then write any thoughts that are cluttered in my mind.Hope this helped:)

Often, though, she shares every day family happenings just like most of us blogging adults do…

What Preschoolers Like July 09: <———- my favorite

So I was assigned to be 3-yr-old’s preschool teacher. And I’ll tell you what preschoolers like to do:

Something shocking.

You’re lucky if you’re preschooler doesn’t do these things 3-yr-old did…ran away on 4th of July (me dragging her back above), called 911, came inside a complete mess after a day outside (see On a sunny monday) and more. So here are some really good preschooler tips I used on 3-yr-old. Read more…

The point of all this is to show how building the habit of writing slowly, with fun prompts and easy steps can help your child jump a hurdle. With this established habit of writing, our children know what to expect and overall look forward to a new challenge. Writing a blog post might be something your child would enjoy. Publish posts password protected if you prefer and of course use wisdom on the internet (see Hodgepodgedad’s the Habit of Protecting). I haven’t even mentioned all the many skills that roll in together with this avenue of writing.

But my child doesn’t like to write, you say?

  • Give the gift of writing. Begin with a journal jar and a simple journal of your child’s choosing. Our child tapes her prompts at the top of the page then writes below.
  • Let your child ‘play’ on dance mat typing.
  • Write down or type a story your child tells you orally. I did this recently when four-year-old told the story of how she wanted her Daddy to be Governor.
  • Allow your child to write to a children’s magazine. One afternoon, three of our children wrote to Highlights magazine. Eldest boy asked, “How many types of nuthatches are there?” His question was highlighted, published under Science questions. He was so thrilled it inspired him to write more letters!

Just start. We did. And we didn’t even realize it. We built one habit for fun. Added another. And built. It doesn’t matter who does the watering. Each one of us is God’s building.

Not every night but most nights we enjoy Family Journaling. Yet another opportunity to write.
My daughters and I share a journal. The habit of writing and building parent/child relationships through practical communication.

Does your child love nature?

Our eldest has a passion for sharing resources with children and adults alike. She has a love for books and shares her favorites for young people. Watch for more book reviews on her blog, A Young Woman for God.

What are some fun resources on writing you have come across? Maybe a writing prompts website you like?