Just this week I joked with Phyllis that she was part of my continuing education. But it’s true. She and her family do so many wonderful learning activities that truly educate me. Not only in the ways of homeschooling but in the ways of joy. Of making memories. On her blog, All Things Beautiful, Phyllis simply shares. Hers is a window into their family life. Their approach is all about fun – learning about castles by building sandcastles; knights and armor by playing chess; chemical reactions by cooking and mixing household ingredients.

I know Phyllis through the shared Handbook of Nature Study and Charlotte Mason online communities. But you, my friends, get the pleasure of meeting her today. Right here at the start of her annual adventure! Each year, she and her family make a habit of setting aside two weeks for family camp. May I introduce to you, Phyllis…

Every year during the last week of August and the first week of September my husband takes two weeks vacation and our family hosts a family camp. We do lots of at home activities that the kids wanted to do during the summer and never got around to, or things they really like to do and want to do one last time before summer ends. But we also go new places each year. They are usually short day trips, but we have camped for a few days at various sights in several states. We have found that the weeks when the public schooled kids just go back to school and before Labor Day are good days for this because a lot of places are still open, but the lines are small. There are some things that we have done every year and they have now become traditions.
Teatime- sometimes themed
Make some meal times fun with bars so that each person can make it like they like it-taco bar, pizza bar, omlet bar, etc. or with things you don’t have much like a crab feast or dessert times like a sundae bar
Some of our past Activities:
Cinco de Mayo in August with a Taco Bar and Pinata
Cooking Camp-things you don’t take the time always to do, a themed cake, for example
Sidewalk Chalk Fun
Bubble Fun
Bike Trails
Mini Family Renunions
Movie Night-Something you have been meaning to watch. Don’t forget the popcorn!
Art Outside En Plein Air
Past Crafts:
Craft kits such as Fuse Art or Dinosaur Dig
Local Playgrounds you might not get to otherwise
Water Parks
Local Camping-even in your backyard!
Go to local natural sites like the beach, mountains, streams, caverns, lakes, etc.
Local Festivals-Outlaws, Pirate, Renaissance Festivals, etc.
Here is our camp schedule:
7:00 Morning Showers
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Clean-Up Chores
9:00 Morning Activity
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Clean-Up Chores
1:00 Afternoon Activity
3:30 Afternoon Tea time
4:30 Clean-Up Chores
5:00 Quiet Time: time to rest, nap, afternoon showers, pursue quiet interests, play on computer, watch TV, download photos of the day, etc.
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Clean Up Chores
7:30 Evening Activity
9:00 Dessert, Storytime & Bed
Find Phyllis at All Things Beautiful