Every now and then I need to make fun of myself.

See, I’m afraid I’ve become that stereotype. That bread-baking, homeschooling, make-your-own mixes type of mama. Really, it was a slow, years-in-the-making process. Now, simple, money-saving steps are just part of my life.

Bam. I was there. Bread-baking, homeschooling mama.

I know. I know.

But part of the poking fun at myself is the figuring out. Finding the freedom in frugality.

Here’s the thing. By the time I loaded everybody up to go through a drive thru I could have just as easily pulled something from the freezer I made during a batch cooking session. And expended a whole lot less in money and frustration.

You see, when I make fun of myself, I am reminded that really it isn’t about a stereotype as much as it is about being a good steward of all we’ve been given. About eating what is good for us.

And it was simple. Folks, I don’t have time for long, drawn out projects. But I can work in spurts. Often, it’s part of our education (the 10 gallons of laundry detergent took math brain power. And, hey we re-used two 6 gallon wheat barrels).

Now, my children don’t notice the taste when I mix in powdered milk when the jug is half full.
They’ve grown accustomed to orange juice out of a pitcher.

So that woman I thought strange? Well, I saw a bit of wisdom in her habits. I started with one. Tried it out. Added another. Plus, these quotes keep rolling around in my head…

“Here is how you spell ‘paying too much’ => M-A-L-L.”

“Act your wage!”

“Debt is normal. Be weird!”

“Beans and rice, rice and beans.” ~ Dave Ramsey

I found out how simple homemade convenience can be. And just how freeing having a bucket full of change is. How much better home grown really can be.

There are many others that are experts in these areas but this is my offering from our daily Hodgepodge. I’m not here to say my way is best, I’m here to offer simple ways to incorporate money-saving and healthy habits. Remember, I used to think it all strange too 🙂

Watch out. Next, I’m making yogurt in the crock pot.

Stand at the crossroads and look. Ask for the ‘ancient paths’. When you find them, walk that way and you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16

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How about you? What are your favorite, easy and frugal habits?

-Tricia homeschools five children from preschool to middle school. She’s forsaken life in the drive thru lane for the road home. She’s saving bucks and her sanity with the frugal recipes and sock it away strategies of her Southern roots. You can find her facing that daily dose of chaos at Hodgepodge. Tricia is a.k.a. Hodgepodgemom.