Today’s guest post comes from a sweet friend, whom I’ve known for several years, since my girls took dance through her dance ministry. Her heart for family and for the Lord overflows into all she does and I am thrilled that she agreed to share what she’s learning on Habits. You can read more about Trisha on her blog Writing About the Journey.

Most know our “story”. To make it short. We had a lot and now we are in a season of very little. We have been in this “season” for about a year now. I know we are in the same boat as so many Americans with our current economy so I thought I would share some things God has taught me through this season.

Do not forget what God has done! ~ Is this not what messed up the Israelites?! They forgot! They got in the desert and forgot about all the miracles and wonders God had JUST DONE in Egypt!

  • God really starting convicting me and teaching me about this around Christmas. We spent the Christmas season reflecting on the past year for God’s faithfulness. Instead of a advent calendar we talked about two or three “God things” from each month that past year.
  • I also started, at our house, a “Remembrance wall”. I put up either plaques or pictures of seasons or things that God has done. For an example, I used to lead a dance ministry. That was totally a God thing. I made a scrapbook page, framed it and hung it on the wall. I also put up pictures signifying different periods of time God just “brought us through”. Sometimes there should be an award of just surviving! Our engagement, Treys first couple weeks and an internship are a couple pictured!
  • Make your prayers detailed and keep record! When you have very detailed prayers, you can watch every little way God is providing! We keep a list running of things we are asking for God to provide. We have had big things like healthcare of our kids to little things like new work boots. This list being different than a prayer request sheet, almost everything gets crossed off or we realize we didn’t need it. It is really awesome! When I have a bad day, it is so good to look back on all that God has provided!!!
  • I do my best at scrapbooking too.  There is a great message about “the art of remembrance” at Faithbooking Ideas .  I don’t think it is ever wasted time to reflect on what God has done!

“Beware not to forget the Lord your God….. then you will become proud and you will forget the Lord your God who brought you out from the land of Eygpt, out of the house of slavery.”

Deuteronomy 8: 11-14

Part two coming tomorrow…..