We participated in a family conference at our church this week. Stephen Kendrick, co-producer of  Fireproof and Facing the Giants, was our speaker for the week. It was an incredible week full of inspiring teaching. There are probably a dozen or more habits I could share from what we learned.

One of the most practical things he shared was how he does devotions with his family. They sit down every night and spend a few minutes talking about the day. Then they pray and read one chapter from the Bible and discuss it. He said they don’t prepare in advance, they just let the conversation go wherever God leads. He said they started in Genesis and are slowly working their way through. I was intrigued at how he said he handled some of the more sensitive topics in the Old Testament. He said he read it just as it was written and took that opportunity to discuss some difficult things that otherwise wouldn’t have come up in family conversation. They follow up with a brief question and answer session and reward the kids for their answers with a nickel or a penny. I thought it sounded like a great way for families to study and learn God’s Word together.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of studying the Bible without assistance, here are a few devotional books we have found useful.

The One Year Book of Family Devotions

Little Visits with God – there is also a toddler version of this book

The One Year Book Of Devotions for Boys – there is a girls’ version of this book, but we haven’t used it