A family game night is a wonderful habit that I’m sure a lot of us are already doing. But today I wanted to share what we have done that might be a little different.

We try to have family game night on Fridays. If your house  is anything like ours, everyone has a say about what game should be played. “Oh, I don’t like that one, I always lose.” “Dad, that game is boring!” “Why can’t we play this one, we never play this one…” And Mom and Dad are usually thinking, “Oh, that game has too many pieces,” or sigh, “that game goes on forever…”

We developed as system that has completely eliminated the what-should-we-play battle. We took inventory of all our games and wrote the names of the games on strips of paper and then put them all in a cup. Each game night, someone draws out a game and that is what we play for the night. We set that paper aside and we don’t play that one again until all the other games have been drawn and played. This way we go through all the games, everyone knows they will get a chance to play their favorite eventually, and the best part… once we’ve gone through all the games, we get to buy a new game.

We also discovered as we were going through the games, that there were a few that nobody really wants to play for one reason or another. What a great time to clean out the game closet and give away a few or add them to the garage sale pile!