Sometimes when it’s been a full day. When the patience is tapped. Or the noise is a bit much.

I step outside.

Just for a minute.

And I take it in.

The hydrangeas by the front door. A day lily on its last bit of bloom.

I walk around to the back. Unhook the latch, step through the gate. The garden is there. Needing a weed pulled.

I look up. See a sliver of moon. A puff of a cloud. The sunset reflected in purple and orange.

By now I’m to the back door. I quietly swing it open and step back in.

Just a short walk outside, around the house. A breath of fresh air. A new perspective.

And a better wife, better mama for it. Refreshed to freely love. Ready to tuck in precious ones. Listen to prayers. Be thankful.

“The best things are nearest…light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of God just before you.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson