At least eight years ago I came across the P.E.G.S. chore system.  It is simple to use and very visual.  When you have a family as large as mine it can be difficult to remember who does what or who needs to do what. I  put the chart away a few months ago just for a change, because change is good sometimes even in the area of chore charts.

However, a few days ago I asked my eight year old, at around two in the afternoon, if he had remembered to brush his teeth that morning. He grinned and said, “No.” It was then that I knew it was time to pull the P.E.G.S. chart out again.

So if you have children like mine that can’t seem to remember to brush their teeth or make their bed, or speak nicely to one another it might be worth checking out.

The system consists of a magnet-backed pegboard and a set of vinyl discs. The chore discs are pre-printed with pictures of chores on them and are hung on the pegs with one column for each child. As the chores are completed, the discs are turned over to the blank side.

Another great aspect of the system is the bonus and penalty discs included for character training. The green bonus discs can be awarded for any positive attitude, behavior, or communication observed.

The penalty discs, preprinted with a red circle and a diagonal line,  can be given for poor attitude, behavior, or communication.

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