If we have been successful in establishing a habit there will always be another one we have to establish, one that we need to work harder on or worse one we have to reestablish. This is true in training ourselves or in training our children.  Just when you think you might have a habit established and things are going well someone gets sick, there is an emergency, a difficult situation your going through, you go out-of-town and any number of other things that pop up and seem to put a sudden stop to the success you felt you were having. Life never stops and therefore habit training shouldn’t  either!! So no matter what happens in your life keep plugging away at Habit Training.

Habit training isn’t easy and it is easy to allow yourself to become discouraged if things aren’t going as well as you hoped they would. Well, just have a good talk with the Lord, let HIM build you up and then tell yourself to stop wallowing around in discouragement and keep on keeping on cause HE is always with us and HE will always sustain us!!

If you have been discouraged and you’ve been letting some “Habits” go, I encourage you get started all over again if that is what is needed. You will be doing yourself, your children and all those your closest to a big favor!!

Life never stops and therefore habit training shouldn’t  either, so don’t give up!!!!

This weekend we were out-of-town and my husband and I spent time discussing habits we needed to establish and some we needed to re-establish. So today was the day to get the ball rolling on our new (yet kinda old) plan.

I had gotten lazy about having the boys be consistent in doing their daily chores =( so today we re-established the boys Daily Schedule Strips (It covers: Bible Reading, Memory Scripture, God & Me Time & Chores). They have an opportunity to receive an allowance if they do their chores with a good (or at least decent) attitude. They also have to have all chores done before they get any video game time.

They take the cards off of the strip when activity/chore is completed and put them in this envelope that is hanging below their strips.

Here is the box I keep all the cards in that I may use

We wanted to re-establish Room Time. So here was a note I hung up in my kitchen, that I just couldn’t miss. It was to remind me of this special time. It is special for me because I can have a cup of coffee without interruptions. Well, that is how it is supposed to work anyway (See also article titled: How to make a room time cd)

Here are our 5 top house rules that we having been concentrating on for a couple of weeks and we will just continue to focus on these rules for a good while (For an inspiring idea check out the article titled: Behavior Journaling )

Another habit we have been working to establish is reading something good for the spirit and mind at every meal. So I will continue to keep my basket of books as a center piece on my table

I have included: A Bible, A Child’s Garden of Christian Verses, Hero Tales (Christian Church History), A devotion Book and two general poetry books

Today I gave the boys a list of things they could choose from to drink and eat during the day other than at meal time. They can’t have the same thing twice. This is so they will end up eating a variety of healthier foods. This enables them to make the choice on what to eat throughout the day. I think this gives them a sense of power and or freedom

A habit (rule) my husband is establishing is before they are able to have any video game time they must have their room and our “L” (learning) Room cleaned up

Another habit we started today and will try to establish is exercising at least 4 days a week. We hope to do it more but we are starting with the expectation of 4 days right now.

Today was a very busy and not so easy day but it felt good to do what I knew would be in the best interest for all of us!!

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