Part two of Preschoolers as Part of the Action. P.S. Big kids love this too 🙂


•one or more preschoolers
•bowls, spoons, cups
•dish detergent for bubbles
•water, of course. Maybe a squirter
•towels, art smocks
•possibly a change of clothes
•adult patience

#1317. a preschool duo at the double sink.

#1318. sunshine on water reflected in chunky-toothed grins.

#1319. catching a bubble and holding it close

#1320. grinning at glistening

#1321. youngest brother and sister set having fun, side-by-side

#1322. inside. in water. in the warmth of a March sun.

#1323. grab the paintbrushes, stir some more

#1324. check closely to see – are there more bubbles than before?

You look close too, Mama. Just let them play. ‘Cause this age and this stage won’t last long anyway.

Messes. Stresses. Smiles. Miles of laughs.

Counting all the gifts these little ones bring to this family. Preschoolers – a recipe for love.


Originally posted on Hodgepodge on a March Multitude Monday. Counting gifts.

holy experience

The answer to the often asked question, “What do you do with the little ones while you school?” in a previous post, What about the little ones?