I knew when we started the behavior journals that it would have to be a flexible process. After three weeks of ups and downs with the journaling, we’ve made one significant addition.

I noticed that if one of the kids had a rough start to the day, it tended to set the rest of the day on a collision course with disaster. That child would feel frustrated throughout the day knowing that he had already lost several tickets, like, “what is the point in even trying now?”

We decided to give them the opportunity to redeem themselves with good behavior in a few categories. For example, if there is a momentary attitude problem, they have the opportunity to make up for it with a better-than-average attitude the rest of the day. If there is a sibling squabble, they can make up for that by going out of their way to be kind to each other throughout the day.

We’re still working on which categories to include in this plan. Maybe all of them.  Anyway, this is still not a perfect system – definitely a work in progress. But we are seeing improvements in many areas.