Well, I don’t know about that but when you are trying to create a habit in your life or your children’s the best thing you can do for yourself is to make it as easy and simple as possible! Below is a list of ideas I thought might help to make habit training go just a wee bit easier in your home.

1. Be in constant prayer ………….seek God’s will and His help!

2. Pick a day/week that your life is going to be as normal as possible

3. If you wake up the day that you planned to start this new habit and your sick or one of your children are sick, I would wait until you are they are better. I know in some homes it seems someone is always sick, if that is the case in your home than you might just have to jump right on in

4. Never try to “start” more than one habit at a time

5. If this habit involves your children, teach them to ask God for His help

6. Try to have your house organized and cleaned before th day you want to start this new habit.  

7. If there are resources you need to start this habit than make sure you already have these on hand before you start

8. Make sure you get enough sleep the night or maybe even the week before

9. Have your meal plan updated, fridge and pantry full before the day you want to start this new habit

10. Did I already mention ……………..PRAY!!! Yes, but I will say it again………………..PRAY!!!

You may not be able to use all these ideas BUT please never leave out #1, 5, 10 =)

~~~~~I will share with you something simple I did in my home to try to help establish a habit of feeding the spirit (and brain) at each meal. For my center piece on our table I set a basket with a bible, devotion book, history book  and poetry. I am not talking about having a long lesson or bible study but just taking 5-10 minutes to read something that will help, inspire, bless, encourage and maybe even correct or rebuke us. With this basket right in my face at the table it just makes it harder to forget the habit that I am trying to establish for our family.~~~~~

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