Have you ever said no to something just because you dreaded the thought of getting everyone ready and out the door?

I have 🙂

Tricia had  a  fantastic post about getting ready to get out the door.  What about after you’re out the door in the big wide world?  So many unexpected things can pop up.  Delays, injuries, illness, hunger, accidents, accidents and more.

A little preparation goes a long way in momma  maintaining some sanity while out and about.

I used to carry a bunch of stuff in the diaper bag.  Then we pared down the diaper bag when the youngest got older, so I started carrying a bigger purse.  That was cumbersome, so I decided to make a bag for the van that stayed in the van since we almost always are in the van if we are out.

Here’s what I try to keep in the bag:

  • Scissors – I use a kid pair
  • Tape – love this cute travel-friendly roll
  • Small first aid kit
  • Ponytail holders & small brush
  • Feminine products
  • Tape measure
  • Crossword or other puzzle book
  • Multi-tool (leatherman)
  • Pad & pen
  • Non-perishable snacks – (gummies or granola bars, usually)
  • Extra diaper and wipes in case the diaper bag gets left at home and we have a mess
  • Plastic grocery bags – so many uses (see above) Also great if someone gets sick (throw some napkins in it to ‘absorb’ if you have time)
  • Napkins – usually the extra ones from eating out
  • Little notecards for leaving on the spur of the moment
  • Picnic blanket (in the trunk) – I love our fold-up blanket with nylon underside for damp grass
  • I would like to add a small, inexpensive Bible to read when I need to kill time or look up a verse.

You could use a small tub or plastic basket, too.  Whatever fits best.  I keep the small stuff in a smaller, clear bag so it doesn’t get lost.  I check it and replenish if necessary when we do a van clean-out.  It’s not a perfect system ,but it helps cut down on frustrations.  And that’s always a good thing!

Let’s hear from you…what do you keep on hand for excursions?