Ever since my first was born we’ve been reading together at bedtime.  The habit has come and gone and come back again over the years, changing form again and again. For a long time their Daddy would take the older ones to bed and read to them while I tended to the little one. But a couple Christmases ago, when we first started reading  Jotham together, I realized how much I had missed being a part of their bedtime stories.

So after we finished our Jotham story, we decided not to let go of the habit of reading as a whole family at bedtime. Each night we snuggle together in our jammies buried beneath blankets while Daddy reads aloud. I get some extra snuggle time and the boys get to go to bed ready to dream of adventure.

Deciding exactly which kind of adventure to fill their little minds with was a bit of a challenge. We have two requirements for our stories – they have to hold the kids attention and they have  to contribute to their characters in a way that would please the Lord.  We started with Narnia and have read through three of them. We were really enjoying them but decided to take a break and wait for the movies.

Then I stumbled upon the Redwall series. We’re about a third of the way through the first book and so far it is wonderful. It is about a group of peaceful little mice & other woodland creatures living in an abbey that have to join together in a battle against evil. A night doesn’t go by where one of the boys doesn’t say “please Dad, read one more chapter.”

Our little one isn’t quite ready to sit through a chapter book quietly, so we’ll read him one of his own stories and get him settled in bed before we begin. His current favorites are Jamberry and Sheep in a Jeep.

If you have some favorite bedtime stories, please share them. We’re always looking for more good books.