the habit of  wise music choices

I love all kinds of music as long as the lyrics are clean and have a good message.  We have always tried to be very careful about the music we allowed into our home and the music to which our children are allowed to listen.  The younger ones pretty much have a diet of all Christian music aside from a few fun or silly songs. Many of the songs promoted to children foster rebellion and, honestly, lyrics that are too mature for them. It became our conviction to feed them music that pointed to God in the younger years and pray that would give them a hunger for music that feeds the soul.

As they began to get older, reaching the teenage years, we allowed them some freedom to choose their own music. During these teenage years, iPod and mp3 players came onto the scene. As long as they are living in our home, the iPod rule is that around 80 percent on the music on it should be Christian and the other 20% should be something fun and clean.  There were a few times I have had to ask them to rethink a decision, but for the most part, I have been so pleased to see the choices they have made.

It has been our conviction that if you are a Christ follower then your music selection and music you desire to listen to should not lead you away from Him, but bring you closer to Him.

Here are a few of my current favorites.

How He Loves Us by David Crowder Band

It is well with my soul

I also like what these guys are doing with many of my favorite hymns.