Is that a contradiction in terms?  I think so, but then…maybe not.  I love to be spontaneous – although sometimes I think that’s just a code word I use for disorganized 🙂

What keeps me from being spontaneous is confusion.

Confusion about what’s going on – what do we need to get done in a day – do we have time to fit this in?

Confusion about where something is that would be needed to do this spontaneous activity.

Confusion about how whether there’s enough money to do something that comes up last minute…you get the picture.

So many times I will see a great idea that I  would like to do with the kids and it’s one of those things where I either do it right then …. or the opportunity will pass me by.  I’ll look at the list of supplies and think…

I know we have one of those somewhere…

I think we’re all out of that…

Do we have enough of those for everyone?

And on it goes until I’ve decided to make a list of things I need so we can do it later (yeah right) or I’ve just completely lost any zeal to do it at all.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about??

I’ve found that planning actually invites spontaneity.  Organization makes way for fun…as long as I am not rigid in my planning or uptight in my organization 🙂

So for the New Year, let’s plan and organize a little bit so we can be free to be spontaneous.  So we can say YES more!

Check back next week for the first in the series of planning to be spontaneous posts…the household notebook. Hey –  I heard that groan!  It will be more fun if we do it together.

See you next year 😉  (I couldn’t resist)