The summer of  2008 I participated in a bible study which focused on the little gods we allow into our lives.  After this study I began not only to evaluate my own life, but I  also began to re-evaluating things I allow in my home and my childrens lives such as what they view, read, listen and participate. I think there has to be a balance in our lives when doing this. I don’t think my children should be so isolated  that they are ingnorant of the culture  in which they live.

The apostle Paul  had a good understanding of the false gods of his time; he was knowledgeable enough to go toe to toe with those who believed falsely. He was not unaware of their beliefs, but he was also saturated with God’s Word. Many times in our grasp to live a “good life” before God we tend to become out of balance, swinging either too far in one direction or the other.

Finding balance is sometimes a struggle. True balance can only be found in a relationship with God and the study of His Word.

One area I try to be cautious about with our children is to be careful not to make celebrities into idols. Something we felt convicted about early on was that we would not allow posters of celebrities on the walls of our home. To us it seemed the same as carving a graven image and exalting another human above the Lord. I want to make sure my children know more about our Lord than the lives of the current, popular group, star, or sports personality. Once again, balance for me is the key. It is not that they cannot enjoy certain music or personalities, but when they begin to focus on those things, above all else I believe an invisible line perhaps has been crossed.

I know I do the same thing in areas of my own life. It is a constant struggle to identify little gods. I have known many who make good things a god in their life. I have seen many a homeschooler fall into the trap of spending more time pouring over homeschool catalogs than the Word itself. It appears that homeshooling has become a little god in their life. I know I have been there.

There are others who pour their whole self into the raising of their children exalting them to a god status all the while worshiping the created instead of the creator. Jobs, sports, education all good things that can easily become a little god.

Perhaps that is why the first of the big 10 states, “You shall have no other Gods before me.”

I have definitely not arrived in these areas of my life, but I am constantly evaluating to take down the high places.