Most of us probably have a picture of what we believe a happy home looks like. I’m not talking about white-picket fences here, but rather the day-to-day reality of a happy family.  Is your home characterized by kindness, contentment and joy, or by frustration, irritability, and disorder? If I am completely honest, there are many days when I wake up to the latter.

Much of the frustration that we face every day is caused by our own habits. Have you ever noticed how bad habits have a way of forming on their own, while good habits seem to sneak out the back door when no one is looking? My hope is that this blog will serve to inspire all of us to replace some bad habits with good ones and keep us on the road toward the kind of home that pleases the Lord.

The ladies who are writing this along with me have encouraged me in my own struggles so many times with their creative ideas and inspirational thoughts. I am excited to see what God does as we begin this journey together!